What is the Difference Between Buying DVC New or Resale?

DVC New or Resale

What is the Difference Between Buying DVC New or Resale?

Disney Vacation Club can open up a whole new world of magical trips. Buy the Disney timeshare and you’re committed to a Disney vacation every year. If that sounds like a delight, know that you also have the option to buy Disney Vacation Club resale for a much better price than buying direct from Disney. Before purchasing you’ll certainly want to compare the two. What is the difference between buying DVC new or resale? Let’s go over some things you need to know.

What is the Difference Between Buying DVC New or Resale?

The biggest difference between buying DVC new or resale is the price! Resale DVC contracts sell for a fraction of the cost. Disney is actively selling Disney’s Riviera Resort and Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa for $207 per point in price as of early 2022. With resale, it’s possible to buy a Riviera contract for around $150 per point. Aulani is around $125 per point these days on the resale market. Those savings are substantial! Disney Vacation Club raises prices regularly. The most recent price hike brought Disney’s Old Key West Resort to $200 per point. On the resale market, this resort can be found for between $104 and $141 these days depending on the amount of points and points available on the contract. Comparing the per point prices of the two, you could save $6100 on a 100 point contract at Disney’s Old Key West Resort by purchasing resale DVC. The cost of resale makes Disney Vacation Club much more affordable. Resale works the same way with using points to book your stays, receiving free parking at your resort and gaining access to the Top of the World lounge when it’s open.

Outside of the price, resale DVC buyers should know beforehand there are a few perks and extras they won’t have access to. For example, the discounts that come with DVC are only for Members with a blue Disney Vacation Club Membership Card. The blue digital Membership Card requires a purchase of 150 points direct from Disney for new Members. Those who buy resale also have some booking restrictions, especially at Riviera. Disney’s Rivera Resort can’t be booked with resale points unless it’s your Home Resort. If you buy resale at Riviera, you’re only able to book that resort with your points. It’s also good to note, Member Events are not included with resale.

In considering DVC new or resale, think about what potentially saving thousands of dollars could mean. Perhaps tickets to special events of your choosing for many Disney vacations to come. Some buyers choose to put the rest of their budget toward buying additional points. To see more details, Disney Vacation Club has a helpful visual that shows what is included with resale.

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