What Perks Do I Lose Buying DVC Resale

What Perks Do I Lose Buying DVC Resale

It’s no secret that DVC resale costs much less than buying Disney Vacation Club direct from Disney in most cases. It’s possible to save thousands or to dedicate your original budget to purchase even more points when you go the resale route. DVC does come with some perks, like discounts, but not all of those perks are available to resale Members. On the official site pertaining to what is included with DVC resale, Disney Vacation Club spells out some of what is and isn’t available for those who buy resale DVC points. Let’s go over the Benefits of Disney Vacation Club Membership and answer the question, ‘What Perks Do I Lose Buying DVC Resale?’ More importantly, we’ll weigh the details of those perks so you can consider if they are actually a loss to you or not really a big deal, especially compared to how much money you can save with resale.

What Perks Do I Lose Buying DVC Resale

When you buy resale DVC there are some booking restrictions. For example, you aren’t able to use points to book Disney Collection Resorts (those outside of DVC), Disney Cruise Line including Member Cruises, Adventures by Disney or the Concierge Collection.

DVC comes with Discounts on Theme Park Tickets, Shopping Discounts, Recreation Discounts and Dining Discounts but resale Members are not eligible for these. Note these discounts aren’t available all the time. For example, some restaurant discounts might only be available during certain hours. Also note, many DVC Members are Disney fans and already have access to similar discounts through Disney Chase Visa or an Annual Pass.

Exclusive Member Events are also not included if you buy Disney Vacation Club resale. With some Member Events it’s necessary to have a room booked at the time of the event. This means these will have to line up with your trip or you’ll have to have a stay booked even if you’re local to be eligible. Member Events aren’t a given for everyone that attempts to sign up as they do sell out. These can seem exciting but with the amount of money you save buying resale, you can have your pick of one of the many Disney special events and on a day that works for your travel party!

Part of the fun of DVC for some people is the flexibility of using your points to book stays at different Disney Vacation Club Resorts. Regarding resale and booking different resorts, DVC says, ‘Access may vary.’ There are some restrictions pertaining to Disney’s Riviera Resort and resale in particular.

From the DVC site:

‘Effective January 19, 2019, Disney Vacation Club Members who do not acquire their real estate interest directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. will only be able to make Vacation Point reservations at Disney’s Riviera Resort if it is their Home Resort.’

Also on the topic of Disney’s Riviera Resort, Disney Vacation Club states this:

‘Members with an ownership interest at Disney’s Riviera Resort who did not purchase directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. may only use those Vacation Points for reservations at their Home Resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort, and the World Collection.’

Disney Vacation Club Members who purchase through resale no longer have access to the exclusive Top of the World Lounge. This chic and elegant bar and lounge setting on the sixteenth floor of Bay Lake Tower has an observation deck and incredible views of Florida’s sunsets and Magic Kingdom fireworks. This is a neat perk but may not be important to those interested in seeing nighttime spectaculars from inside the park or those with little ones.

What Perks Do I Have Access to When Buying DVC Resale

DVC Members who purchase resale points have access to the World Collection through exchange provider Interval International. This allows Members to use Disney Vacation Club points to book stays elsewhere around the world. Resale DVC Members also receive complimentary resort parking which brings great savings at Deluxe tier resorts as you avoid the $25.00 per night fee. The eleven month out Home Resort booking advantage is an excellent perk, giving you first access to the resort of your choosing. Remember the real point of Disney Vacation Club is to enjoy incredible savings on Disney vacations year after year. On top of the already great investment into your future hotel stays, resale makes Disney Vacation Club even more enticing price-wise.

DVC Resale Experts

Let DVC Resale Experts provide a magical experience whether you’re buying or selling DVC resale. Trust the Experts to guide you along the process, sharing helpful information along the way. See our current DVC resale listings.

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