Where to See New DVC Resale Listings

Where to See New DVC Resale Listings

Whether you’re ready to buy a DVC resale contract or just curious about prices, we’ve got you covered. Investing into your future Disney vacations with the Disney timeshare, though a great value, is a large expense. As with any big spend, doing your research can help you move forward confidently in your decision making. Becoming a Disney Vacation Club Member is an exciting milestone for families, couples and individuals. Getting familiar with pricing and seeing what’s a great fit financially is an excellent first step. If you want to add on points, resale contracts are also great for that. When you may want to sell DVC points, resale pricing is important too. Of course you want to know what you may be able to make when you sell a contract before listing. Knowing the going rates for points, at your home resort especially, can help you decide if it’s time for you to sell. Below we’re presenting some tips for keeping up with the DVC resale market and new listings. Read on for where to see new DVC resale listings, how to easily find the contracts you’re interested in and keys to understanding DVC resale pricing.

Where to See New DVC Resale Listings

Knowing where to see new DVC resale listings can help you stay up to date with resale DVC market trends. See the latest at any time on our DVC Resale listings page. Contracts for sale are updated regularly as listings are sold and new listings hit the market. 

DVC Resale Home Resorts and Pricing

Typically, the lowest per point prices are at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Don’t let these per point prices alone sway you. While these lower per point prices may be enticing, and Disney Vacation Club’s booking flexibility can allow you to use your points at different resorts, it’s always best to buy at a resort you will want to stay at regularly.

Another way to get familiar with per point pricing is to see how the number of points on a contract affects the price per point. It’s common to see contracts with a higher point value cost a little bit less per point. In contrast, contracts with a smaller point value often have a slightly higher price per point.

If you’re adding on points, DVC resale contracts are great for that. You can have the best of both worlds if you already qualify for Membership Extras, a set of perks that does not come with resale alone. When you add on points by purchasing a resale contract, you can save thousands depending on the resort and size of the contract, and still experience the perks you already qualify for.

Keep Up with DVC Resale Prices

Each month here on the DVC Resale Experts blog we do a round up of the previous month’s prices based on our own sales and data. You can expect a new DVC Resale Average Price roundup near the beginning of each month. There’s also an annual version you can peruse. What you’ll find is that resale DVC prices continue to go up fairly consistently over time but usually fluctuate from month to month. If you’re waiting for the right time to buy resale DVC, know that it’s best to go for it when you’re confident it’s right for you. Think about using your hotel budget as a down payment instead of just renting a hotel room on your next trip. It helps put things into perspective. You can easily spend thousands on a week-long stay at a Disney resort hotel. Putting that money toward the Disney timeshare enables you to pay for years of vacations upfront, even decades depending on the contract, and fixed at today’s prices.

DVC Resale Experts Can Help

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC. It’s possible to save thousands buying a contract on the resale market when compared to buying direct from Disney Vacation Club. Our independent licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides so you can expect pixie dusted service. Take a look at new DVC resale listings to see what’s listed right now, pending sales and more. Don’t see what you’re wishing for? Get in touch and share the specifics of the contract you want in order to join the DVC Resale Experts Buyer Wish List. You’ll be contacted when the right contract becomes available. If you’re on the market to sell DVC contract, reach out for a complimentary valuation of your specific contract to get the most accurate figures.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at (844) 382-3267 or email us at Info@DVCResaleExperts.com.
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