Can You See Fireworks from Riviera Resort?

A rooftop view of Epcot's fireworks against a dark sky from Topolino's Terrace at Disney's Riviera Resort

There’s a lot to love about Disney’s Riviera Resort. Inspired by Walt Disney’s European travels, this stunning Disney resort hotel opened in late 2019. As a guest, you can wake up and enjoy a character breakfast at your resort thanks to Topolino’s Terrace. Disney’s Riviera Resort, the fifteenth Disney Vacation Club property, also has Skyliner access. This high in the sky gondola transportation offers amazing views. There’s another view Disney fans are always wondering about when it comes to resort hotels. Can you see fireworks from Riviera resort? Yes! Let’s discuss the different view options from rooms, views from restaurants and the various places you can see fireworks from around the resort property.

Riviera Resort Firework Viewing Spots

It is possible to see fireworks from a few different places around this resort and DVC property. The Riviera has some decent viewing spots of Epcot’s nighttime spectacular fireworks that are high up. Riviera isn’t one of the DVC resorts with the worst firework views but it’s not one of the best either. 

In addition to staying there, it’s possible to stay at a different resort and simply visit to dine at a restaurant at the Riviera. Then you can stay and enjoy the fireworks from one of the viewing spots mentioned below.

Can you see fireworks from Riviera Rooms?

First, let’s cover firework views from the rooms.

Rooms with better views usually come at a premium price. Disney is careful about promising a special view unless they mean it. Sometimes you’ll even end up getting a partial firework view by surprise because Disney makes sure the official theme park view rooms have a superior view. What you’ll actually usually be looking for to get a firework view is called a Theme Park View category room. Often, if you can see a theme park from your room, it’s likely you will be able to see the fireworks over it. The angle of your view and anything obstructing your view might change that. In the case of Riviera, if you can see the top of Spaceship Earth from your room during the day, you should be able to see the fireworks in the sky above it at night.

According to the Disney Vacation Club point charts for Disney’s Riviera Resort, there are Standard View and Preferred View room categories. So technically, there isn’t a Theme Park View room category at Riviera. Contrary to Beast’s advice, if you want to see fireworks from your room you will want to stay in the West Wing. A little Beauty and the Beast humor here and there, friends. Disney’s Riviera Resort is kind of shaped like a funny letter U. The West Wing is the part of the building you’ll see when you first pull in that has the big RR logo on it. Below this logo on a corner of the building is Tower Studio rooms. These are said to have Epcot fireworks views but not officially. The higher up the better. Rooms around here or facing this same direction should also be able to see some of Epcot’s fireworks. Still, Disney says it’s possible to get “Views of Landscaping or Parking Area” from Tower Studio rooms.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to definitely book a firework view room at Disney’s Riviera Resort. Some Preferred View rooms face the direction of Epcot and the fireworks. Others have a lovely view over the water and of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort but no fireworks. 

Can you see fireworks from Riviera? The rooftop has one of the best views at the DVC property.

Where can you see the fireworks at Riviera Resort?

It makes a difference when you can hear the firework show music as well. Many places around Disney resorts will play the show music in sync with each nightly showing. Below we’re not only noting the best spots to watch from. We’re also mentioning each of the spots around the resort someone might ask about. On winding walkways, it’s hard to know which direction you’re facing in terms of the parks.

Riviera Beach Firework View

There is a small beach at Disney’s Riviera Resort. It sits on the walking path to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Caribbean Beach is a separate property that is also on the Disney Skyliner line. It’s actually home to the main Skyliner hub and you’ll need to transfer there to get to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Anyway, back to that beach. There are some nice chairs and you may think this is a good spot to watch the fireworks from. Unlike fireworks from the Polynesian, the Riviera beach is not an ideal viewing spot. The Riviera resort beach just faces the wrong direction for fireworks. It is possible to wander over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to enjoy some fireworks from around the Sebastian’s Bistro restaurant.

View of fireworks from Topolino’s Terrace at Disney’s Riviera Resort

Can you see fireworks from Riviera resort Restaurants?

Topolino’s Terrace Firework View

Disney’s Riviera Resort is home to some memorable dining locations. Topolino’s Terrace is a little bit of everything. For breakfast, characters meet you in unique, art inspired outfits. For dinner, Topolino’s Terrace gets a little more fancy. This signature dining spot does have firework views from inside the restaurant. You will be able to see the large fireworks in the sky over Epcot, slightly obstructed by the West Wing Riviera building. You can not see the World Showcase Lagoon, countries or low lying pyrotechnics in the park. The firework music is not played inside Topolino’s Terrace during the show.

Outside, there is an actual rooftop terrace. It’s a little small and doesn’t fit everyone dining at the restaurant. This fireworks viewing spot is reserved for those dining at Topolino’s Terrace. This space does play the nighttime spectacular music along with the show. 

What’s really nice about this restaurant is that it has a lounge that you don’t need to have reservations to dine at. You can see some of the fireworks from the lounge, similar to the main part of the restaurant. This is connected to the rest of the restaurant so you won’t hear the firework show music at this spot inside.

Bar Riva Firework View

To see fireworks from Bar Riva, you’ll really need to step out and head closer to the water. This is not an ideal viewing spot, you can’t see fireworks from the actual restaurant. Epcot is on the other side of the Riviera building.

Primo Piatto Firework View

Primo Piatto is the quick service restaurant at Riviera and located near Bar Riva. While the food is fabulous, the firework view is not. We don’t recommend attempting to watch from here. The West Wing part of the Riviera building is in the way. 

A view from below of Topolino’s Terrace rooftop restaurant at Riviera

Other Riviera Resort Firework Views

If you happen to be pulling up or leaving during fireworks time, you’ll definitely see them from the front of the hotel. The back of Epcot is right across the street from the front of Disney’s Riviera Resort. The music is played in front of the hotel during the fireworks. You will see the big fireworks in the sky over the trees that separate the park from the road. Around the porte cochere, you can find quite a few viewing spots. Typically this space is not crowded during the fireworks.

Epcot fireworks from Riviera front entrance

Disney Skyliner Firework Views

For a wonderfully unique firework view, you can try to time a Disney Skyliner ride during the nighttime show. Disney’s Riviera Resort has its own private Skyliner station and is just one stop away from Epcot. Note that when you are boarding a gondola to Epcot, there are already people in some cars on the line. You may be asked to wait until there is room in one or for a free one if they are all full and can’t accommodate your party. You can see the Epcot fireworks coming from or going to the park on a Disney Skyliner gondola.

Can you see Magic Kingdom fireworks from Riviera resort?

Many tall resorts around Walt Disney World have firework views of nighttime spectaculars. Depending where they are located on property determines the view you will have of any particular show. Disney’s Riviera Resort is located pretty far from Magic Kingdom. It’s actually an Epcot area resort. This is not an ideal viewing spot for Magic Kingdom fireworks.

More Disney’s Riviera Resort Magic

We also have a Riviera dining guide that shares everything you need to know about restaurants at this resort. You might also be wondering if you can see fireworks from other resorts..

Fireworks From Other DVC Resorts

You may be wondering if you can see fireworks from Wilderness Lodge or fireworks from the Polynesian. We have guides to those resorts along with tips for watching fireworks from the Grand Floridian and fireworks from Disney’s BoardWalk. Those staying at Bay Lake Tower will want to know about the view of fireworks from the Contemporary. All include the best places to watch the fireworks from, if the music is played in certain areas, photos from different viewing spots and more to help you plan your best Disney Vacation Club stay yet!

DVC Resale Experts Makes Magic

Can you see fireworks from Riviera resort? Maybe you need to test out all of these viewing spots for yourself! DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC. If you would love to call Disney’s Riviera Resort your home, consider the Disney timeshare Disney Vacation Club. This all DVC resort has a beautiful pool located on a lake and one of a kind mosaic tile art you will love. The best part about being an owner at Riviera might be the Skyliner access to Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

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