Disney ROFR DVC Stats for February 2022

Disney ROFR DVC Stats for February 2022

It’s time to go over the Disney ROFR DVC stats for February 2022 based on DVC Resale Experts sales and data. ROFR stands for Right of First Refusal. In the Disney Vacation Club contracts, Disney has the ROFR, or the first opportunity to purchase a contract back when a Member decides to sell DVC points. Once the seller accepts an offer, Disney gets to say if they would like to buy the contract back at the agreed upon rate instead of letting the resale DVC sale go through. Disney ROFR DVC Stats is a monthly series we write to offer insight into this aspect of resale DVC. ROFR numbers matter the most when you’re interested in buying resale DVC points. When you place a bid on a resale DVC contract, you want to price competitively so you have a better chance at the sale going through. A low price per point may mean Disney Vacation Club takes interest in it and purchases it at that price instead. DVC Resale Experts will be happy to provide insight based on our statistics if you’re ready to submit an offer. Here’s what we saw in February of 2022.

Disney ROFR DVC Stats for February 2022

In February of 2022, Disney chose to use their ROFR to buy back about 33% of DVC Resale Expert sales. Out of the 42 contracts presented to Disney, 28 contracts passed and 14 were bought back by DVC.

The resorts affected by ROFR DVC interception in February of 2022 were: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Bay Lake Tower, Beach Club, Boardwalk, Copper Creek, Old Key West and Saratoga.

Resorts that were not bought back by DVC during this time, either because no contracts were sold or Disney Vacation Club chose to not buy any back, were: Aulani, Boulder Ridge, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, Hilton Head, Polynesian, Riviera and Vero Beach. 

Among some of the monthly high Right of First Refusal prices Disney paid were Beach Club at $165 and both Bay Lake Tower and Copper Creek at $160. Disney bought back BoardWalk at a monthly high of $145 and Saratoga Springs and Animal Kingdom Lodge both at $135 per point. Old Key West had a buyback high of $124 in February of 2022.

Let’s discuss resorts that were bought back. Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa and Disney’s Old Key West Resort have the lowest price per point when buying direct when it comes to Disney Vacation Club Resorts at Walt Disney World Resort. It will always be beneficial for Disney Vacation Club to have these contracts on hand. Also, Beach Club is always popular and worth buying back considering there will likely always be demand. It makes sense Disney bought 3 contracts back, even at a rate of $165, when Beach Club sells direct for $245 per point. 

Also, we’ve heard that many direct sales happening these days are Members adding on points. That could explain some of Disney Vacation Club’s ROFR buy back choices. It’s possible DVC is balancing inventory to meet the demands of those who want to buy DVC points at resorts other than where they are actively selling. We look over these buyback numbers and guess what they might mean but we get the best picture by paying attention over time so check back next month.

The Disney ROFR DVC stats for February 2022 are just a month-long picture of some of Disney Vacation Club’s buy back choices. We also have a ROFR DVC 2021 Annual Stats post with more to consider. For information about the DVC average resale price, we have a monthly and annual series on that as well. For specific answers regarding your contract and buying or selling DVC points, get in touch with DVC Resale Experts! Receive a complimentary valuation of your DVC membership and helpful information to guide your purchase or sale.

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