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ROFR DVC 2021 Annual stats

Old Key West at Dusk

ROFR DVC 2021 Annual Stats

Kindly step all the way in, please, there’s no turning back now. Welcome to 2022! It’s time to look at a year end round up of the DVC Resale Experts ROFR DVC 2021 annual stats. We’ve looked over a lot of numbers to bring you some insight into what Disney has been up to when it comes to ROFR buy backs.

As a reminder, ROFR stands for right of first refusal. This means with a Disney Vacation Club contract, Disney is given the right of first refusal, or the opportunity to purchase a membership back, before anyone else when a Member wants to sell DVC points. If they like the price and are interested in that contract, Disney can purchase the contract at the price a buyer was set to purchase for. The ROFR process typically takes up to 30 days. In that time Disney will decide if they want to refuse the contract or purchase it.

What does ROFR DVC 2021 information really mean?

So why does ROFR DVC information matter? Disney’s interest in inventory can sometimes reveal changes in intentions for certain resorts. We’ll talk about what some of those potential intentions, also known as rumors, could be based on the data here.

Most importantly, the price at which Disney Vacation Club chooses to buy back with ROFR transactions also matters for potential resale DVC buyers. Resale DVC buyers want to put in a bid that’s low enough that they feel that they are getting a good price but competitive enough that Disney won’t decide to exercise their right of first refusal privileges and buy it back instead. It’s hard to gauge when Disney will or won’t buy a contract back. Much of it has to do with the company’s plans, motivations and what inventory they have and less about the price in particular. DVC Resale Experts aims to help buyers using data and experience to speculate a fair price that will land them the resale DVC contract.

It benefits Disney Vacation Club to have a range of resorts to sell including the ‘sold out’ resorts. At this time Disney is actively selling Aulani and Riviera. However, you’re still able to purchase contracts at other resorts because Disney can keep an inventory due to processes like ROFR buy backs. Now that we’ve set the scene, here are the ROFR DVC 2021 annual stats based on DVC Resale Experts annual sales and numbers.

ROFR DVC 2021 Annual Stats

The overall ROFR DVC 2021 percentage was 20.95% of all DVC Resale Experts sales. That means Disney chose to buy back just over 20% of all resale contracts sold by this company. We can assume there’s a strategy to what contracts Disney purchases back and, of course, those motives remain private but we can at least see what’s been popular throughout the year. Of the 20.95% ROFR DVC buy backs, the percentage of how much Disney bought back at each individual resort is as follows.

Animal Kingdom Lodge 15.38%

Bay Lake Tower 30%

Beach Club 15%

Boardwalk 14.29%

Boulder Ridge 30%

Copper Creek 20%

Hilton Head Island Resort 9.09%

Old Key West 51.35%

Polynesian 5.00%

Saratoga Springs 36.26%

Disney did not use the ROFR purchasing privilege for Aulani, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, Riviera Resort and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in 2021.

The standout numbers here are Old Key West at 51.35% and Saratoga Springs at 36.26%. Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa received an extensive refurbishment in 2021 with a new look for the lobby and updated rooms. The Disney’s Old Key West lobby refurbishment and room updates were also completed in the past year. While these kinds of updates are contractually obligated it’s possible Disney is using this moment to stock up inventory at these resorts when they have these shiny new selling points. These two resorts are also sold at the lowest price per point at Walt Disney World. As a natural business strategy, it’s good for Disney Vacation Club to have a range of prices available when presenting options to potential new members purchasing directly from Disney. This is likely a reason for the higher buy backs at Old Key West and Saratoga Springs as well. 

Though Disney spas remain closed due to the pandemic they will inevitably reopen at some point. Perhaps this year finally? And Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa has the biggest spa at Walt Disney World. Senses A Disney Spa at Saratoga Springs opened in a fully refurbished space in 2013 after Disney took over managing the spas at its own resorts. With all of the other refurbishments happening at this resort could a spa renovation be underway too? The refurbishment bit is speculation here but a spa manager position was listed on the Disney Careers website in late 2021. This shows us that Disney is at least looking at rebuilding the spa offerings after laying off all spa employees in 2020. It does make sense for both the spa at the Grand and Saratoga to be remodeled before reopening though Senses at the Grand needed noticeably more work than Saratoga. A brand new spa is a fancy amenity that makes Saratoga Springs an exciting buy as well.

Bay Lake Tower and Boulder Ridge were both 30.00% bought back in the ROFR DVC stats. Bay Lake Tower had a higher number of contracts sold overall so it’s a bit more significant. Bay Lake Tower remains one of the most popular resorts in its prime neighboring Magic Kingdom spot. Disney Vacation Club’s interest in Boulder Ridge could be related to its slated upcoming refurbishment. 

It seems annual, or nearly annual, DVC price hikes are unavoidable at this point, no pun intended. Resorts Disney Vacation Club is actively selling, currently Aulani and Riviera, have historically received price hikes early in the calendar year. Disney Vacation Club has announced that the price for Aulani and Rivera will go from $201 to $207. We’ll have to see if any sold out resorts receive a bump in direct prices this season. 

Put ROFR DVC 2021 Stats to Work for You

Reach out if you have specific questions about ROFR DVC buy backs or want to know how this may affect your buying or selling process. If you’re fascinated with this level of detail and insight also see our DVC Average Resale Price 2021 post for an annual, financial roundup. DVC Resale Experts strives to be a resource for all things resale DVC and is also available to answer your personal questions. See our current DVC resale listings for all resale DVC contracts that are currently available. Get in touch today for a free valuation of your DVC contract.

Talk to UsFor more information on Disney Vacation Club, its resorts, and the magical vacations you can have at great value by becoming a member through DVC resale, feel free to talk to any of our friendly professionals with DVC Resale Experts at 844-DVC-FANS (382-3267) or email us at

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