Disneyland’s No Show Policy

Disneyland No Show Policy

Disneyland and Disney World are in high demand at all times, but now it seems they are in more demand than ever (if that’s even possible.) Why? A lot of families and guests had to change or reschedule their 2020-2021 vacation plans and everyone has been a little deprived of their Disney Magic intake. Because of the rush and demand to get into Disneyland, The Walt Disney World Company is putting a “three strikes your out” policy on all pass holders who make park reservations and don’t show up to the parks. The park reservation does not guarantee you admission, but if pass holders don’t cancel their reservation and don’t show up, it does hurt families who are ready and willing to start those memories, causing lack of Disney memories ( and Disney profit, so you know they found a remedy fast). The Walt Disney World Company states:

“The ability of Magic Key holders to make and hold park reservations will be impacted by the no show policy. Magic Key holders who are a no show for 3 reservations in a 90-day window will be unable to make new park reservations for 30 days. Existing park reservations at that time will not be cancelled.”

Magic Key Holders will not be charged for no shows and three no shows is pretty generous considering the lack of cancelling does prohibit another Magic Kay holder from having park access. This policy is currently only enforced for Disneyland and although Walt Disney World is in high demand, there is no “no show” policy. This is just a way of making sure that all Disney guests can get their fill of Disney magic, and we are always in support of Disney magic. 

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Disney Blogger Nicole and Disney CEO Bob Iger

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Nicole is a native Floridian who attended the University of Central Florida and decided to call the land of theme parks home. She’s been sharing magical tips, tricks and Orlando travel and tourism favorites online for over a decade.

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