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DVC Historical Annual Dues by Resort

Disney Vacation Club logo on a tower at Saratoga Springs. Compare this resort to other DVC annual dues by resort.

Annual dues are always a conversation of interest when it comes to Disney Vacation Club ownership. On a quest to provide excellent service, one of the DVC Resale Experts researched the topic in detail to create the following chart for a client. Now we’re sharing it with you for reference. This table represents every Disney Vacation Club Resort and the associated annual dues from when it opened through 2022. Quite the visual here! This kind of information is incredibly helpful for those interested in buying a DVC Membership or adding on points at a different home resort. Seeing the DVC annual dues by resort over time really helps to show how minimally annual dues go up overall.

DVC Annual Dues by Resort

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DVC historical annual dues by resort show that the numbers don’t go up dramatically.
(s) marks varying prices some members pay based on their date of purchase.

How DVC Annual Dues Work

Here’s a quick refresher on how annual dues work. When you purchase a Disney Vacation Club contract you pay annual dues based on your home resort. In the DVC historical annual dues by resort chart above, you’ll see each home resort has its own annual dues per point price. That number is multiplied by the number of points you purchase to get to what you will pay in annual dues each year. If you have more than one contract and at different home resorts, you still pay the separate annual dues numbers for each resort.

Disney Vacation Club started in 1991 with just one resort. It’s what we know today as Disney’s Old Key West Resort. At just $2.51 per point, annual dues were much lower than they are today. However, based on standard, long term inflation, the price difference isn’t dramatically different. Using two different inflation calculators to see what $2.51 in 1991 would be worth in 2022, I got $5.44 and $5.49. We’re taking the average of the two at $5.47. That means annual dues at Old Key West Resort, in thirty one years, only went up about $3.34 per point over inflation. On a one hundred point contract at this home resort, Members paid about $881 in annual dues in 2022. Not too shabby considering a Deluxe Studio at Disney’s Old Key West Resort can cost around $407 per night as a rental.

Why are annual dues different at each home resort?

Annual dues are different at each home resort for a few reasons. You may be wondering which Disney Vacation Club resorts have the lowest and highest annual dues per point and why. First, the year a DVC resort was built can have an effect on the annual dues price. Newly built resorts usually don’t increase much in the beginning. This is because, with a new or recently refurbished building, there isn’t as much to repair or enhance. Resort location and offerings also affect the cost of annual dues. Resorts near the beach may have more upkeep. This can result in higher dues. Also, resort properties with unique offerings may have more maintenance fees. For example, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas provide the incredible savanna experiences at both Jambo House and Kidani VIllage.
At the time this post was written, as of 2022, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort has the highest annual dues of all of the Disney Vacation Club resorts at $11.94 per point. The resort with the lowest annual dues per point is The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort at $7.01.

Comparing DVC prices to booking Disney hotel rooms

I remember, within the last ten years, being able to book a value tier room for far below one hundred dollars per night. This was at different, slower times throughout the year. A quick search shows that in 2023, during the slowest time of the year in September, week night rooms at All Star Movies, Sports and Music are all around $157 per night plus tax. That’s a pretty steep increase. There are discounts like annual pass, Florida resident and Disney Chase Visa to consider. Even with those, the Disney resort prices have really gone up over the last few years, especially at some deluxe tier resorts. Compare that to the cents each year we typically see in annual dues increases. When annual dues rise, the price is justified based on particular increases in taxes, specific needs of the property or similar pinpointed details.

Does DVC Resale pay annual dues?

DVC resale opens a whole new world of possibilities. Yes, those who purchase a secondhand contract from a Member still have to pay annual dues. DVC resale owners pay the same rate on annual dues but far from it when it comes to contracts. You may be able to get the contract of your dreams for a much better price. The DVC historical annual dues by resort are the same for all Members except for those who purchased at a certain time at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort or Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas.

Remember DVC Members don’t pay for parking

When weighing out different Disney resort prices, remember to consider pop up fees. While there are no resort fees at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels at this time, they do charge for parking. This started a few years ago and can really add on to your nightly room rental rate. At deluxe tier Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, it’s $25 per night to park. That’s $175 in parking fees for a week long stay. Disney Vacation Club Members park for free at resorts. Yes, even if you buy DVC resale, you don’t pay to park.

All Disney resort guests do get free parking at the theme parks and Disney Springs has free parking for all visitors unless you use valet. If you are considering DVC prices to staying off property, complimentary theme park parking is important to think about. Standard parking at the parks is up to $25 per regular vehicle. Preferred parking can be up to $50 per day. So even though we see annual dues rise over time, there are other costs that rise even more and more regularly.

DVC Resale Experts Makes Magic

DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team specializing in resale DVC. It’s possible to save thousands purchasing resale when compared to prices buying directly from Disney Vacation Club. Whether you’re becoming a Member through resale, adding on points or selling DVC, the Experts can help. Our licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides with decades of experience selling DVC contracts. You can expect pixie dusted service and helpful insight from our team throughout the process. Service is something that sets the Experts apart. Take a look at resale DVC listings for current pricing and availability. If you don’t see the right contract for you, join the DVC Resale Experts Buyer Wish List to be contacted when it magically appears on the market.

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