Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser: The Lunch Review

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser: The Lunch Review

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser: The Lunch Review

The Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser has been immersing families into a one-of-a-kind interactive Star Wars adventure for over a month now. The food reviews are in for this highly anticipated trip to space and needless to say, they are out of this world. Disney’s culinary experts went to the moon and back creating up this menu for all Starcruiser passengers. Here we are going to highlight the ship’s lunch options.

Lunch is included for both days ( just like on a cruise) and is buffet style served from 1pm-4pm. The meal takes place in the perfectly themed Crown of Coriella Dining Room with preset tables. The buffet is all-you-care-to-enjoy and includes unlimited refills of blue and green milk, non-alcoholic and soft drink beverages. All food items are portioned on plated small dishes for guests to easily take and enjoy. Now what’s on these plates!?!

Green Leaf Salad: red quinoa, amethyst croutons, a parma-cheese round, and creamy chandrilan green vegetable dressing.

Chandrilan Salad: mushrooms, kale leaf, olives, squash fruit, and white berry vinegar.

Fire Melted Cheese Takeaway with red fruit soup dipper: bubble waffle grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup.

Sorgan’s Stew: crawlfish tails, rice, and yellowseed stick ( that’s not a typo, it’s crawl fish not craw fish and is an ode to the space creatures.)

Pork and Cheese Takeaway with black-spice spread: a super fancy melted ham and cheese sandwich with an intense tangy mustard spread.

Roasted Flora with Tubers and Red Cabbage: another vegetarian option, roasted seasonal vegetables and cabbage.

Nori-crusted Redfish with Mushrooms and Red Cabbage: a cilantro seasoned white fish served with rice, mushrooms and red cabbage.

Tikka Tip Yip Chicken with Paneer Cheese flatbread: a twist on classic Indian flavors served on a warm flatbread, masala being the star of this dish. 

Space Pizza: a down earth favorite and likely to be on every young passenger’s tray; cheese pizza.

Yellow Curry Tip Yip Chicken Salad: a small yellow bread stuffed with curry chicken salad.

Dipped Tip Yip Chicken and with noodle cheese: earth description… chicken nuggets with cheesy noodles, an on earth comfort food.

Sunflower Butter and Jelly Pods: a unique twist a childhood favorite, green bread pods stuffed with sunflower butter and jelly. 

Blue Bantha Milk Fruit Whip: blue milk in a mousse like form

Choco-whip with Hibiscus Meringue: (made without wheat, dairy, animal meat, eggs, or honey.) VEGAN OPTION, a rich chocolate mousse with hints of floral hibiscus.

Daily Sweetbread: warm fresh baked cookies

These are just some highlights from the lunch buffet on the Galactic Starcrusier and Disney is known to whip up new creations quickly, so these items are subject to change. Disney’s Culinary Creatives are hard at work to make sure all passenger’s taste buds have an out of this world experience. And remember, lunch is a buffet and all-you-care-to-enjoy, multiple trips are recommended.

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