How to Sell Disney Vacation Club Points

Disney's Old Key West Resort boat dock and main lobby area.

Good research is part of any big decision. Before buying DVC, it’s helpful to know how to sell Disney Vacation Club points just in case the need ever arises. Sometimes people change their mind about the home resort they want to own at. Others outgrow the Disney timeshare. You can sell Disney Vacation Club points […]

5 Reasons to Sell DVC Points Now

DVC Resale Experts - Villas at Grand Floridian

Why do people sell DVC points? Major life changes can bring about the want or need for selling Disney Vacation Club points. It may be family adjustments, career switches, moving to a new location or a general starting over point in life. Any of these shifts may present the choice to sell Disney points as […]

How to Sell Disney Vacation Club Frequently Asked Questions

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There are quite a few frequently asked questions from those interested in how to sell Disney Vacation Club points. The average Member doesn’t know how to sell Disney Vacation Club points on their own. Why should they? This is a process licensed real estate professionals have perfected. You don’t have to know how to sell […]

DVC Sales: Does Disney Vacation Club Go On Sale?

Does DVC Go On Sale

Mickey bars, Fantasyland, fireworks–oh my! It sounds like the best family vacation ever, right? All magic comes with a price. If you love to visit Walt Disney World or other Disney destinations you’re probably somewhat familiar with the Disney timeshare. Disney Vacation Club (DVC) uses a point based system where members financially commit to Disney […]

Tips For Selling DVC Points

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Whether you’re ready to take the first step or just interested in the process of selling DVC timeshare, more information can help guide you along to the best possible outcome. Research often plays an important role in the decision making process and it’s no different when it comes to these tips for selling DVC points. […]

Selling Disney Vacation Club Membership: An Overview

White hotel building with a red roof, the DVC Grand Floridian wing

Thinking about selling Disney Vacation Club Membership? It’s absolutely possible and it might be easier than you think. The Experts have a simplified process and love to help Members buy and sell DVC. Here’s an overview of how things go. For clarity, we’ll also refer to selling Disney Vacation Club Membership as selling Disney Vacation […]

How Do I Sell DVC Points?

Bay Lake's blue waters with the Contemporary resort on the left and Bay Lake Tower on the right under a blue, cloudless sky How do I sell DVC points?

​​People decide to sell DVC points for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes Members decide the money would be better spent elsewhere. For others, it’s that they want a different DVC contract. Maybe with more or less points or with another property as their home resort. Of course, some people’s vacation preferences change and they choose […]

Can I Sell My DVC?

Dark waters of Crescent Lake reflect the lights of the Disney BoardWalk in the distance and the lighthouse that illuminates the area Can I sell my DVC?

Disney Vacation Club is the popular, point based Disney timeshare with incredible resort properties and convenient flexibility. Yes, Members love it but sometimes your contract is just no longer the right fit. Perhaps your vacation habits have changed since you decided to join or you no longer want your contract for other reasons. You might […]

How Much Can I Sell My DVC Membership For?

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If you’ve decided your DVC contract is no longer a good fit for you, there are options. Maybe you’re just interested in buying another DVC contract with a different home resort or point value. Our real estate professionals are happy to help people buy and sell DVC. Whatever the case, there’s an industry dedicated to […]

Can You Sell DVC Back to Disney?

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So you’re thinking about selling DVC points. We’re glad you’re here and we’ve got lots of information on this topic. You’ve got options if you want to sell DVC. DVC Resale Experts has a team of professionals with decades of experience selling DVC membership as Disney Vacation Club Guides. Now, as an outside company, the […]