DVC Store: Where to shop at each home resort?

Mickey krispy treats with chocolate and sprinkles packaged individually.

Each Disney Vacation Club home resort has a shop that’s kind of like the unofficial DVC store at that location. There are two main items you might be looking for at these shops. It’s where you can find things like DVC merchandise and food items like snacks and groceries. With such amazing kitchens and amenities in DVC villas, cooking in your room is definitely an option. Whether it’s fast breakfasts so you can rope drop Hollywood Studios or easy dinners in for a budget friendly night, the DVC stores with food can help. DVC Members also love their resort specific and Disney Vacation Club merchandise. Some stores at resorts are better for this than others. Read on for the best place at each resort to shop for what you might want or need on your DVC stays.

What is the DVC Store at each home resort?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas | Johari Treasures

Johari Treasures is located in the lobby of the Kidani Village building on the right hand side. This is a small shop but it has just what DVC Members need. You’ll find grocery and snack items here along with DVC merchandise collections.

This one is a little tricky because there are DVC rooms in the Jambo House building at Animal Kingdom Lodge too. For those staying in or near Jambo House, Zawadi Marketplace is the place to visit. You’ll find resort specific merchandise here.

There is also a walking path and special resort shuttle transportation to take you from one section of the resort to the other. No matter which area you’re staying in, it’s easy to get to the other. For DVC merchandise, make sure to visit Johari Treasures.

Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas | Kālepa’s Store

At Aulani, Kālepa’s Store is the place you’ll find items like groceries and sundries. This is also noted as the store where you can shop Dooney & Bourke bags. If you’re looking for a Disney Vacation Club Dooney on your trip, this seems to be the place to shop. Kālepa’s Store also has Aulani Resort logo products and souvenirs. For fancier items like jewelry, visit Hale Manu. Disney Vacation Club Members may be eligible for 10% off purchases at Aulani stores. Ask your cast member at checkout.

Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort | Fantasia Market

Guests of Bay Lake Tower can easily find their way to the DVC store by crossing the Skybridge on the fifth floor and entering the Grand Canyon Concourse. This is the lively fourth floor area of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Monorails whiz by and there are plenty of places to shop. Those looking for DVC items will head to Fantasia Market that sits under the monorail on the Magic Kingdom side of the building. There is also a glass window treat counter at Bayview Gifts. The Fantasia store in the middle may have some snacks but it’s more merchandise focused.

Disney’s Beach Club Villas | Beach Club Marketplace

Beach Club has an interesting DVC store set up. You’ll actually find the grocery section and DVC merchandise in the resort’s main store that also has a quick service counter. That’s right, you can shop for your next pair of DVC ears while waiting for your breakfast order. The Beach Club Villas store is called Beach Club Marketplace.

A red outdoor store front of the DVC store Screen Door General Store at Disney's BoardWalk Villas where guests can find groceries and merchandise.
Screen Door General Store at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas is where guests can find groceries and Disney Vacation Club merchandise.

Disney’s BoardWalk Villas | Screen Door General Store

BoardWalk has had some major renovations going on over the last few years. That included the shop in the lobby being renovated into a bakery and coffee shop. Now all of your DVC grocery and merchandise needs can be met out on Disney’s BoardWalk. The main store at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas is called Screen Door General Store. It’s huge and has merchandise and a treat counter too.

Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas | Wilderness Lodge Mercantile

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is the only resort that has two Disney Vacation Club home resorts at it. This means, guests of both Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek will visit this next DVC store for items they may need on their stay. The Wilderness Lodge Mercantile is one of the most fun shops at a Disney resort. It’s very themed with a Disney character totem pole out front. This shop has the large refrigerated section in the back with plenty of options for those looking to make a meal or two in their room. You usually find Disney Vacation Club merchandise in the front of the store. This might include Copper Creek T-shirts, DVC Loungefly backpacks and more.

The sundries section at Wilderness Lodge Mercantile.
Sundries section in the Wilderness Lodge DVC store with groceries and merchandise.

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort | Meadow Trading Post and Settlement Trading Post

At Fort Wilderness, you have options. Both the Meadow Trading Post and Settlement Trading Post list food as an offering. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground is a massive property and very spread out. You’ll either want a golf cart to get around the property or to utilize the resort’s bus system.

The Meadow Trading Post is located in the middle of the resort. The cabins are in the front of the resort, making this the more convenient choice. On Bay Lake next to the boat transportation to Magic Kingdom you’ll find Settlement Trading Post. This is in the back area of the resort property where the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue and quick service Trail’s End are located too.

When this resort officially and fully opens, we’ll have to see if we notice a change in what’s offered at either store in terms of merchandise. This is a longstanding Walt Disney World resort but a new DVC resort as of 2024. There has always been a nice amount of groceries available at Fort Wilderness because it caters to campers and those cooking out. We’ve seen some changes at the property to also cater to DVC Members.

The Villas at Disneyland Hotel | small world Gifts & Sundries

At Disneyland Hotel, small world Gifts & Sundries is the place to find food items at your resort. This small shop is in the lobby and also offers sundries. For apparel, accessories, gifts and other merchandise, see Disney’s Fantasia Shop which is also in the lobby right next door.

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel | Acorns Gifts & Goods

Acorns Gifts & Goods in the Grand Californian is listed as having apparel, accessories, food and gifts. This store in the lobby is located in the back left corner, the opposite of where the check in desks are.

A refrigerated food section at the Grand Floridian DVC store Sandy Cove Gifts and Sundries at Walt Disney World Resort.
A refrigerated food section at the Grand Floridian DVC store Sandy Cove Gifts and Sundries at Walt Disney World Resort.

The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa | Sandy Cove Gifts and Sundries

In the lobby of the Grand Floridian, you’ll find some great shopping. At Sandy Cove Gifts and Sundries you can shop for food items and Disney Vacation Club merchandise. While this is a small store, it feels like it mostly caters to Members with groceries on one side and things like DVC Spirit Jerseys on the other. Another great store for Grand Floridian branded merchandise is Curioser Clothiers. This is where you can find items from the beautiful GF logo Loungefly collection.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort | Broad Creek Mercantile Shop

Over at the Hilton Head DVC resort, there’s Broad Creek Mercantile Shop. This store has limited groceries and sundries. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort feels close to town and not so massive and secluded like Walt Disney World Resort. There are grocery stores nearby for those interested in venturing out or having items delivered.

DVC merchandise at the Old Key West Conch Flats General Store.
DVC merchandise at the Old Key West Conch Flats General Store.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort | Conch Flats General Store

The original Disney vacation club resort has a quaint, check in area with everything you might need in one place. Right next to the lobby and sit down restaurant Olivia’s Cafe is the Conch Flats General Store. This shop has DVC merchandise, a large refrigerated section and plenty of groceries to choose from. Disney’s Old Key West Resort always has great coastal merchandise with items like Tervis Tumblers, t-shirts and other mementos to bring a little bit of your vacation home.

Moana Mercantile DVC store sign themed to Polynesian style in earth tones.
The Moana Mercantile store at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has a grocery section.

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows | Moana Mercantile

Upstairs on the second floor of the Polynesian lobby, Moana Mercantile has a selection of groceries and snacks. Similar to the rest of the DVC resorts, there is a refrigerated section with lots of necessities. The BouTiki on the first floor has a wide range of merchandise including apparel and specialty treats. The bungalows have a full kitchen but we’ll also have to see what the rooms in the DVC Polynesian tower offer.

Disney Vacation Club Dooney and Bourke bags on display.
Disney Vacation Club Dooney and Bourke bags on display.

Disney’s Riviera Resort | La Boutique

At Disney’s Riviera resort, La Boutique is a place to shop. There isn’t a specific DVC store here because there is just this one small shop in the lobby. You will find a nice selection of DVC merchandise here though. This includes Riviera specific merchandise and also a Disney Vacation Club branded selection. A fun plus, there is a little coffee shop next door in case you like to shop with an iced latte in hand.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa | The Artist’s Palette Shop

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is another property that has a unique store and quick service hybrid location. Inside the The Artist’s Palette Shop, you’ll find a grocery section and casual restaurant combined. The store also sells snacks and you will find merchandise here as well. This is the place to go for all your souvenir needs including shirts, pins and anything else. Bonus content: This resort also has a golf pro shop because it’s located on a golf course.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort | Wind & Waves Market

At Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, the Wind & Waves Market is the place to go for food items. This grab and go market also has groceries. You can find additional offerings at Island Grove Packing Company. This store has sundries, resort apparel and Disney merchandise.

A close up of a Disney Vacation Club Dooney and Bourke large tote found in the DVC store at Riviera that's white with blue and yellow art.
A close up of a large Disney Vacation Club Dooney and Bourke tote found in the DVC store, La Boutique, at Disney’s Riviera Resort.

DVC Store FAQs

Where can I find groceries at my Disney Vacation Club resort?

The list of stores above is your best bet for finding groceries at your Disney Vacation Club resort.

The kind of groceries you can buy at your DVC resort is usually pretty consistent. We see the same kinds of items across each DVC store on Walt Disney World Resort property. The kinds of foods available don’t vary by resort. Some items you might find include frozen pizza or frozen meals like lasagna, bacon, bags of donuts, bags of chips and such. There aren’t many fresh foods. Most of the options are processed, probably because they have a long shelf life and are easy to cook.

In the gift shops you may find specific snacks that support the resort’s theme. An example of this is at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. You may find special macadamia nut cookies or coconut filled chocolates from, or inspired by, the islands. For the DVC store food selections however, American style, easy to cook, basics are available wherever you go at Disney.

Can I have groceries delivered to my Disney resort?

What if you have specific dietary needs or preferences and can’t find what you want in the grocery section at your resort? You can have groceries delivered to your Disney resort!

In late 2023, planDisney confirms Bell Services at Disney World resorts will store your grocery delivery for you including cold items. They do have the capacity to refrigerate your items. The exception is if you have alcohol. Bell Services can not accept alcoholic beverages. A member of your party that’s of age must be present to accept these orders.

Over at Aulani, things might be different. On the web page of the store with the groceries, it says to make sure you have your room first if you intend to purchase cold items. They have limitations on space and can not store them for guests.

If this is important to you, check your resort’s current policy if it’s outside of Walt Disney World Resort.

Is there a DVC store with merchandise for Members?

There is not a specific DVC store at Disney World or Disneyland. Instead, Members can shop for merchandise at certain stores at different resorts. Our list above has a great selection of places you can shop for items like DVC Loungefly bags, DVC Minnie Mouse ears, hats, Spirt Jerseys, mugs, luggage and more.

How often does new DVC merchandise come out?

New DVC merchandise is released less often than regular Disney Parks merchandise. While we might see seasonal collections around the parks, or new pieces every month even, DVC moves a little more slowly and intentionally. For example, we saw a Disney Vacation Club collegiate style collection debut with quite a few pieces a while back. That was found around different stores for at least a year. While popular pieces might sell out, you can usually expect some to be replenished.

Where can I find the Grand Floridian Loungefly collection?

We’ve seen many Disney Vacation Club resorts get their own Loungefly merchandise collection. Disney’s Riviera Resort was one of the first along with The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. At the Grand Floridian, the matching ear, backpack, purse collection can be found at Curiouser Clothiers near the back of the lobby. The Grand Floridian collection started releasing in 2022 with the backpack. The ears joined later.

Does Disney World sell alcohol?

Yes, Disney World sells alcohol in the parks and at the resort hotels. Some parks have a more prominent adult beverage presence than others. For example, at Magic Kingdom you may only find alcohol at sit down dining restaurants. However, beer, wine and mixed drinks are sold at all of the outdoor kiosks at the Epcot festivals.

You can also purchase select grown up drinks at your hotel. Drinks are available at most restaurants, whether they’re quick service or sit down, and at the resort shops. On the Disney website or in the app, you can look for “Spirits” under the shop classification. The DVC store at each resort usually has a selection of beer and wine near the groceries.

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