Saratoga Springs Remodel: Lobby, Rooms, Pools

A round teal building that says Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa

There’s something special to love about each DVC resort’s theming. When you lay down at night, the art on the walls surrounds you with magic. When you’re getting ready for the parks in the morning, the little character details and touches of convenience are part of the distinct Disney experience. Every resort has its own style with carefully chosen colors, art and furniture. Disney Vacation Club resort renovations follow the theming guidelines fans know and love at each property. With the last Saratoga Springs renovation, the resort’s equestrian-themed, Victorian-style was carried through with some modern upgrades. Let’s cover how this Saratoga Springs remodel changes the resort and what you can expect on your next visit.

What changed with Saratoga Springs Remodel: Updated Lobby, Refurbished Rooms, Prettier Pools

This Saratoga Springs remodel features a complete lobby makeover as well as total room refurbishments. The lobby has new Disney character art that fits into the theme, an updated color palette and additional seating. The rooms have a completely different look than before with fun character tie-ins. Pools were also renovated during this time. While major visual changes happened in the interiors, outdoor refurbishments often keep things maintained and functioning properly without much noticeable change. Guests can still expect to see the charming pastel buildings at Saratoga Springs. Disney is known for its premium upkeep and has a reputation for cleanliness. These kinds of renovations and refurbishments keep Disney’s reputation for beautiful environments upheld.

Two queen size beds with white sheets in a Saratoga Springs Two Bedroom Villas bedroom
Two Bedroom Villa at Saratoga Springs. Photo via Disney.

Before and After Saratoga Springs Remodel Lobby Photos

The Saratoga Springs lobby was given a makeover during this recent remodel. Seating was added and also changed to a more modern style. Though Disney’s website says this resort has Victorian inspiration, it feels much different than the Grand Floridian which also is modeled after the same era.

Part of the Saratoga Springs remodel is the addition of unique art in the lobby. The lobby of Saratoga Springs features royal looking portraits of different Disney animated horses. Fresh paint colors have also transformed the space. Can you guess all of the horses in the portraits of the Saratoga Springs remodel? A few are tricky to guess, even to the most keen-eyed Disney fans. A friendly cast member will be happy to talk you through who is who and quiz you if you ask.

pink looking Saratoga Springs lobby atrium
Saratoga Springs lobby before remodel. The space now features more seating and large Disney horse portraits. Photo via Disney’s website.
Saratoga Springs lobby seating area with blue furnishings and antique style art
The colors inside the Saratoga Springs resort lobby have changed and it appears some art has found a new home in the space.

Simplified Disney Lobby Renovations

In the early 2020s, many Disney resort hotels were refurbished with a similar idea in mind. If you’ve ever checked into to stay at a Disney hotel, you may remember the front desk being one long, literal desk. Front desks in the main lobby usually have many different areas where guests can walk up and receive assistance from a cast member. With this wave of renovations, the standard front desk was reimagined. Instead of a single barrier style built in, the new front desk experience has a row of desks with spaces in between them. The idea is the cast members can more easily come out from behind the desks to welcome guests and offer a more personal experience, standing on the same side as them when necessary. This style of front desk is now the standard after the Old Key West lobby refurbishment too.

Saratoga Springs One Bedroom Villa living space with kitchen, dining table and living room with couch.
Saratoga Springs One Bedroom Villa. Photo via Disney.

Saratoga Springs Remodeled Rooms

The most recent Saratoga Springs remodel brought reimagined room looks to the villas featuring Disney characters and the equestrian theme of the resort. Some cute room hidden Mickeys, and strategically placed Mickeys, are part of the Saratoga Springs remodel. These rooms are pretty minimalistic visually. 

Saratoga Springs has a wide range of rooms with a Deluxe Studio, One Bedroom Villa, Two Bedroom Villa and Three Bedroom Grand Villa. There are also the Treehouse Villas which were not part of these refurbishments. The Treehouse Villas were last refurbished in 2019 though the pool in that area was refurbished in 2023.

Deluxe Studio room with one bed and a living room type space in front of a window with a lake view
Deluxe Studio after Saratoga Springs remodel. Photo via Disney.

Does Saratoga Springs have murphy beds?

Yes, many of the DVC resorts have murphy beds instead of pullout couches now. This is true after the Saratoga Springs remodel as well. Deluxe Studios, One Bedrooms Villas, Two Bedroom Villas and Three Bedroom Grand Villas all have murphy beds. They still have a couch in the same space so nothing is taken away. It’s just that a regular mattress pulls down and the space converts from living to sleeping.

The bigger pull down murphy beds reveal art with Mickey and Minnie and a Victorian style house. Disney has been opting for pull down wall beds instead of the convertible couches we’ve seen in the past. This seems to be the way forward for DVC villas. These provide a simpler experience when it’s time to transform from living room to bedtime space. Plus, there’s more hidden art to discover. Also the pull down beds are more comfortable than the pull out couches.

The One Bedroom Villas and Two Bedroom Villas also have smaller wall twin pull down beds with Goofy art.

The Treehouse Villas still have a double sleeper sofa and a sleeper chair. There are large windows behind them preventing a wall attached furnishing like a pull down bed.

Murphy bed with Victorian Mickey and Minnie art
Murphy bed with Victorian style art in a Saratoga Springs One Bedroom Villas. Photo via Disney.

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort Pool Refurbishments

A highlight of Saratoga Springs is the many pools on the property. It feels like there is more than one main pool actually. Two pools at Saratoga have themed water slides and pool bars. A planDisney article also confirms that the following areas were renovated and completed in early 2023:

High Rock Springs Pool

On the Rocks Pool Bar

Treehouse Leisure Pool

An overhead view of a pool surrounded with rock work and stone accents
The Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa High Rock Springs Pool.

Is the Saratoga Springs renovation complete?

As of 2023, the current Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa renovation is complete. That doesn’t mean all spaces of the resort have been updated. It means what was planned to be redone at this time has been done, work has concluded and there is no more planned construction for now.

Is the spa open at Saratoga Springs?

It feels odd to say the spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is still not open. It hasn’t been open for more than three and a half years at this point. The Saratoga Springs spa is among the pandemic closures that never reopened. This Senses is the largest Disney-owned spa on Walt Disney World Resort property. It’s beautiful inside with his and hers locker rooms that boast saunas, hot tubs, showers and beautiful mosaic tile work. There’s also a co-ed relaxation room with zero gravity loungers. At least there was.

When the spa reopened at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and spa in January of 2022, it was no longer a Senses spa. It seems the Senses brand spas will remain on the Disney Cruise Line ships but not at the resorts on land. We will have to see what becomes of the Saratoga Springs spa when it reopens. Whenever that may be.

How often are Disney hotel rooms renovated?

We know the Disney Vacation Club Resort properties follow a particular schedule when it comes to room renovations. When a new resort debuts, it’s exciting to explore the theming and interiors. After about seven years, Disney does what is referred to as a soft goods refresh. This means parts of the room that receive wear like curtains, decorative pillows, dining booth upholstery and more are replaced.

Of course, if one of these items needs to be fixed or replaced before this planned time, it is. The seven year mark is when all of the rooms are refreshed together. We may see the room design be updated with different prints, patterns and colors during these refreshes.

Then, after fourteen years, DVC rooms get completely refurbished. This means new furniture is introduced throughout villas. It’s possible appliances and cabinetry are replaced during this time too. Again, repairs can happen whenever needed. We just know that around the fourteen year mark, your home resort will probably get an updated look in the rooms.

How far in advance does Disney announce refurbishments?

We do our best to keep up with Disney’s planned refurbishments. It’s usually possible to get a fair amount of notice. For example, it was announced over a year in advance that Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will be closed from January 2025 through May 2025. This gives guests ample time to make other plans. It’s especially important for Members to be able to plan stays around renovations at their home resort if they choose to do so.

Please know that sometimes unexpected refurbishments happen when maintenance is necessary to keep up visual aesthetics or to keep things functional. We do our best to document construction and updates of all kinds in our DVC resort refurbishment schedule.

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