Can you see fireworks from Old Key West Resort?

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Florida vacations mean sunshine and, usually, lots of magic! Walt Disney World Resort is a top vacation destination, not just in the state but in the country. Tourists from all over look forward to the fabulous nighttime spectaculars Disney is known for. Most Disney days are sealed with a memorable fireworks display in the theme parks. What about seeing fireworks from your resort? Some resorts have better views than others. Can you see fireworks from Old Key West Resort? Disney World is a massive place, the size of a city. Quite a few variables determine if you can see fireworks from any Disney resort hotel. Details like the resort placement within the property, how tall the buildings are, which way rooms face and how tall the surrounding trees are determine if there are firework views or not.

Does Old Key West Resort have firework views?

It’s possible to see fireworks from quite a few different places around Walt Disney World property. When it comes to resorts, it usually depends on how close you are to the parks that have fireworks. So can you see fireworks from Old Key West? After all, it’s very close to Epcot when you look on a map even though Disney’s Old Key Resort is technically classified as a Disney Springs Resort Area hotel.

Can you see fireworks from Old Key West Resort? Kind of but not well. Tall trees that surround Disney’s Old Key West Resort provide a less than ideal viewing experience of Epcot fireworks.

While there are plenty of lovely nature views around Old Key West, there are not theme park or firework view rooms. There’s a very small chance that you might see the tops of some fireworks from your room.

Compared to other properties, Disney’s Old Key West Resort is actually one of the DVC resorts with the worst firework views. That’s not always a bad thing. Some visitors are looking for a quiet night time experience back at their hotel. It might be that you want to get the kids to bed early or don’t want to be woken up on early nights yourself. Because of how close Old Key West is to Epcot, though, it’s likely that you will still hear firework booms at the property.

Where you can see fireworks from Old Key West Resort

There is one specific spot you can catch the top of Epcot’s fireworks from Old Key West Resort at Disney World. It’s just across from the main area of the property where the lobby and restaurants are located. There is a bridge that passes over a waterway in this area. On the opposite side of the lobby, a pond is surrounded by resort buildings. If you look over the pond above the buildings and trees during Epcot’s nighttime shows, you may be able to see the tops of the big fireworks. This is a day time view of the area for reference.

A place guests can view fireworks from Old Key West resort is pictured, above the pastel buildings surround this body of water with a fountain
Where to see fireworks from Old Key West Resort: Above the pond across from main lobby area

Remember that at Epcot specifically, most nighttime shows have more than just fireworks going on. Decent portions of Illuminations, Harmonious and Epcot Forever include no fireworks at all but lasers, lights on buildings in the countries and projections. Someone watching the fireworks from outside the park might not see much during these points. An exception is when you’re watching fireworks from Riviera resort. Prime viewing from Riviera is at a rooftop lounge that does give a glimpse into World Showcase from some aspects.

New Epcot Firework Show Debuting in 2023

A brand new firework show is on the horizon as part of the Disney 100 Disney World offerings. As Luminous The Symphony of Us debuts at Epcot on December 5th, 2023, we’ll see how many big fireworks light up the sky over the park. These are the ones most likely to be seen from outside the park. Even if there are lots of big, high fireworks, it’s unlikely the view of fireworks from Old Key West will change much.

Where you can see fireworks from Disney resorts

If you are looking for Disney resort hotels that have great views of fireworks, we have some top recommendations. Hotels in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot areas usually have the best firework views. Just across the water from Magic Kingdom you can see fireworks from the Grand Floridian. The marina and the restaurant Narcoossee’s both have lovely views and play the music. On the other side of the Seven Seas Lagoon, fireworks from the Contemporary are fun to watch and there’s even an outdoor viewing area on the fourth floor. Perimeter firework shows, like those at holiday parties, really look fantastic from Bay Lake Tower and the Contemporary. You can see fireworks from the Polynesian resort where the restaurant ‘Ohana and many places near the water play the show music. All of these resorts have different spots where you can see the castle from too which is always nice.

In the Epcot area, fireworks from the Disney BoardWalk are delightful, though the view may be a bit obstructed, and there are plenty of places to eat. Disney’s Beach Club Resort offers a lovely firework view from the boat transportation dock.

It’s possible to stay at Disney’s Old Key West Resort and watch the fireworks from a different resort. You can use Disney transportation to simply visit another resort to watch firework shows. This expands your dining options quite a bit. In order to park at another Disney resort that you aren’t an overnight guest of, you will need a dining reservation. Even with a dining reservation, on the busiest of days you may not be able to park at a resort to visit and dine. This includes peak and holiday times like Christmas week, New Year’s Eve and Independence Day.

Disney’s Old Key West Restaurants

Food is always part of the fun at Disney. Disney’s Old Key West Resort restaurants offer a taste of home style cooking. The fried chicken at Olivia’s Cafe is raved about. This restaurant is also one of the few at Disney World to offer brunch. Before seeing the tippy tops of the fireworks, you can grab a drink nearby at Gurgling Suitcase Libations & Spirits.

How much is Disney Vacation Club at Disney’s Old Key West Resort?

There is more than one way to buy Disney Vacation Club. The price of the Disney timeshare depends on how you choose to buy. One way to buy is straight from Disney. This is referred to as buying direct from Disney Vacation Club. Direct Disney Vacation Club prices are non-negotiable though there may be buy more, save more specials on resort properties DVC is actively selling.

Disney’s Old Key West Resort opened in 1991 and is considered a sold out resort. Still, contracts are available for purchase at this home resort when you consult with a Disney Vacation Club Guide. DVC direct prices continue to go up regularly, usually each year, and often without notice or reason.

Direct DVC points at Disney’s Old Key West Resort are $205 in late 2023.

The other way to buy Disney Vacation Club is through resale DVC. This is purchasing a contract from a Member who wants to sell DVC. The ownership is completely transferred and this is all seen as valid and official in the eyes of Disney. A licensed real estate broker can help you find a DVC resale contract that’s a perfect fit and guide you through the process. DVC resale doesn’t come with some of the perks that direct sales do but the prices are amazing. You can find DVC points for up to half the price in some cases. Prices fluctuate and you can negotiate with sellers on Disney Vacation Club resort resale contracts.

Resale DVC points at Disney’s Old Key West Resort are around $91 in late 2023.

See Disney’s Old Key West Resort DVC resale contracts that are listed right now. Here you can also see more information about Disney Vacation Club at Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

DVC Resale Experts Make Magic

Can you see fireworks from Old Key West Resort? Maybe you need to test out the viewing spot mentioned above! DVC Resale Experts is a licensed real estate broker with a team that specializes in resale DVC. If you would love to call Disney’s Old Key West Resort your home resort, consider the Disney timeshare Disney Vacation Club. This DVC property showcases the best of Florida nature.

It’s possible to save thousands buying a resale Disney Vacation Club contract instead of buying direct from Disney. Our licensed real estate agents are former Disney Vacation Club Guides with decades of experience selling DVC. You can expect pixie dusted service from first contact to closing the contract. Take a look at current resale DVC listings for pricing and availability. If you don’t see your dream contract, you’re welcome to join the DVC Resale Experts Buyer Wish List. Then you’ll be contacted when the right contract magically appears on the market.

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